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Preventing memory leaks with unowned, weak and capture lists

In many programming languages, memory management is handled with what’s called a garbage collector. With iOS, the rules are a bit different. Apple implements a slightly different method for managing memory in its native app ecosystem called reference counting. Even Swift manages its memory with reference counting since Apple’s libraries are written in Objective-C, forcing Swift to interface with the Objective-C language.

Accepted to The Flatiron School for iOS Development

It’s official- I got accepted into The Flatiron School for iOS Development this Summer. The Flatiron School is a 12 week immersive coding camp that provides admitted students with the practical skills necessary to work as professional web and mobile app developers. I just finished my second year as a strength coach for New York University, so the transition from sports performance to computer programming cannot be any faster. Nevertheless, I am extremely excited to get going with the program come June.