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With a background in physical therapy and sports performance, my biggest strength is found in collaborative environments because I appreciate the different approaches others bring to solving a problem. Whether it’s a disgruntled post-surgical patient or a more efficient way for objects in code to communicate with each other— I am quick in finding ways to contribute and create a positive impact in an organization.

Like most programmers without a traditional computer science degree, I started programming through self-interest. It was during the rising popularity of wearable technology when I realized computer programming was so versatile that it could relate entirely to what I did as a strength coach at New York University.

Eventually, I applied to the Flatiron School, where I met some of the most knowledgable instructors who have helped grow as a junior developer. I built a strong foundation of object oriented programming as well as the Cocoa Framework, particularly in Objective-C. Currently, I’d love to contribute my efforts to a growing company in New York City, while continually expanding my strength in programming.

When not coding, I enjoy playing basketball, lifting with my kettle bells, and shooting with my DSLR camera!




An app that connects tourists with locals who provide unique themed tours of their city.

+ Integrated Google Places Autocomplete API for searching and selecting locations when creating a tour.

+ Implemented a custom delegate for clean communication between view controllers.

+ Used Parse backend services to manage tour guide and tourist relationships.


A journaling app with music pinning capabilities; users can revisit old entries that playback pinned songs from the moment of writing.

+ Leveraged MPMediaQuery with NSPredicate filters to identify the currently playing song.

+ Integrated MPMusicPlayerController to play pinned songs from Apple Music and local library.

+ Used Parse backend services to store journal entries along with its accompanying music playlist.