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iOS Design Patterns: Delegation

Knowing what design pattern to implement in your code is one of the most important skills to have as a competent iOS developer. No, design patterns have nothing to do with user interface or visual design-who would ever think that? -scratch head- Rather, they are… Read More

Week 11 & 12 Summary

Week 11 Crunched for time. There is barely any time to blog during project mode. It’s a long 2 week sprint and our team still has a lot to get done. It’s frustrating because everyone on our team is new to this, but we are… Read More

Week 9 & 10 at Flatiron School.

Week 9 Traveler App Week 9 is the start of project mode at the Flatiron School, and that entails developing an app of choice for 3 straight weeks with 3 other classmates. We sort of had a choice with what we are going to make;… Read More

Week 7 & 8 at Flatiron

Week 7 Presenting Muse at Flatiron Presents Finally finished my part in Flatiron Presents. Every Tuesday here at Flatiron School, 3-4 pairs (2 web, 2 mobile) of students present an app/ feature that they have collaborated on. My partner unfortunately dropped from the program around… Read More

Weeks 5 & 6 at The Flatiron School.

Week 5 Auto Layout Wrapping Up Core Data We wrapped up our last lecture on core data this morning, and even though the everything dealing with core data seemed convoluted, it eventually became pretty straightforward. According to our main instructor Tim, we primarily use APIs and… Read More

Week 3 & Week 4 Summary

Week 3 Table Views and Datastores. Day 12 Before the day ended yesterday, Tim introduced us to table view controllers, the visual interface that powers a majority of the apps we play with. Just think about any app that scrolls through endless rows. By the… Read More