iOS Design Patterns: Delegation

Knowing what design pattern to implement in your code is one of the most important skills to have as a competent iOS developer. No, design patterns have nothing to do with user interface or visual design-who would ever think that? -scratch head- Rather, they are reusable solutions that solve common problems, particularly with communication between […]

Incorporating Youtube’s Data API in your Xcode project.

If you ever wanted to integrate youtube search and play capabilities into your iPhone app, you will eventually need to play around with Youtube’s Data API. Depending on the level of interaction you would like to have with a user, you may need to authorize requests with OAuth 2.0. But if you are just interested […]

Week 3 & Week 4 Summary

Week 3 Table Views and Datastores. Day 12 Before the day ended yesterday, Tim introduced us to table view controllers, the visual interface that powers a majority of the apps we play with. Just think about any app that scrolls through endless rows. By the time lecture wrapped up, my brain was already heading into […]

Moving table view cells across sections in a to-do list app.

Over the past week, I’ve been working on a small to-do list app that categorizes your personal tasks based on type and category. One of the bigger challenges I had while building my to-do list app was moving tasks around across different sections. And while Apple has its own proprietary method for managing and reordering […]