About Me

Hi, I’m Leo and I enjoy sharing stories, thoughts, and photos as I navigate through life.

Quick facts about me

I went to college for Exercise Science and started out as a strength coach for sports teams at New York University. I took a leap of faith three years later and taught myself how to code and build software for mobile apps.

What I’m doing now

Now I’ve taken another leap and am working full time on SuperFit, a workout app for people who really want to become better at their sport.

Starting a business has a ton of highs, but five times more lows. That’s something one of my closest friends, Brian, knows too well when he started his own gym a year ago in Long Island, NY. He’s the founder of T3 Performance gym, and it’s no coincidence that we synced up six years to help each other grow our businesses.

I’m helping Brian make T3 one of the most welcoming sports gyms in NY, while he’s providing me the platform to iterate and build SuperFit with my target audience in house.

Fun Fact: As “gym roommates” in college, Brian and I may have spent more time working out and playing basketball together than focusing on classroom lectures.

SuperFit is in the app store now and I’d love feedback if you have any. check out the free app here.