Week 11 & 12 Summary

Week 11

Crunched for time.

There is barely any time to blog during project mode. It’s a long 2 week sprint and our team still has a lot to get done. It’s frustrating because everyone on our team is new to this, but we are learning so much. There is no better way to learn about effective design pattern and features in iOS than devoting 3 weeks time to develop and app that you care about. Time is limited so learning new concepts quickly is not an option. I love the experience, but I can’t wait for this project to be over so that I can reflect on my personal growth here.

Week 12

Day before meeting companies.

Our team just finished the tour guide app. We now have 12 hours before speaking to employers in the morning. I just don’t feel prepared. I spent the last 3 weeks with my head down hammering away on code, and now it’s time to show others what we’ve accomplished.

Leo, it’s going to be OK.

The last three days of class here at Flatiron felt weird. We completed our speed dating hiring day yesterday and many of us are working on their resumes and potential interviews. We covered Swift syntax and computer science work that we might run into during a technical interview, but I get the feeling that our class’ motivation to learn is sapped. People are just ready to move on to the next point of their lives. Whatever’s next, I’m going to miss this place.

Here’s a quick demo of our app flow.

Program is over, but our relationship with Flatiron will never end. We’re always welcome to stop by, get some work done, or just say hi to people. Things have come full circle during my three months here. I remember during my first 2 weeks, there was a Web development cohort just about to finish and move on to find jobs as programmers.
I remember thinking to myself:

“I am so far away from what they are doing as developers. I can’t imagine what they were going through: finding a job, making apps on your own, confidently calling yourself a developer… hopefully that will be me when I’m done.”

Now I’m in their shoes. Yes, I am confident calling myself an iOS developer. Yes, I can write my own apps. And yes, I am confident that my skills can contribute to a company’s success. I know there is still a world to learn in this industry, and I’m positive that I’ll never stop teaching myself more— but to see where I came from on June 1 to where I stand now is an incredible feat that I am proud about, and I don’t think I tell myself that enough.

On to the next one.